The Cobbe Collection of Historic Keyboard Instruments

Includes the largest group of instruments owned or played by famous composers to be seen together anywhere in the world.

What is especially magical is that the collection is maintained in playing order to allow artists and audiences to experience the sounds that inspired composers. We are most grateful to the generous donors who have contributed to our Adopt an Instrument scheme.
We are especially grateful to The Chopin Society, London, for their generous undertaking to adopt Chopin’s piano for fifteen years and to The Elgar Society for their continuing adoption of Elgar’s piano.


Keeping instruments in playing order is an expensive business. We feel that it is vital that The Cobbe Collection Trust continues with this ideal, support us and donate today.

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Adopt an Instrument invites you to underwrite the maintenance and tuning of a particular instrument for one or more years.

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Donation for Annual Maintenance during 2016

  1. Zenti Harpsichord, 1622 £400
  2. English Harpsichord, dated 1623 £600
  3. Ruckers Harpsichord, 1636 £450
  4. Virginals by John Player, 1664 – Adopted by Mr Peter Gillman
  5. Snetzler Organ, 1759 – adopted by Ms P.A. Cornford
  6. Zumpe Piano, 1769 – Adopted by Mrs P. Littleton
  7. Zumpe/JC Bach Piano, 1777-78 £500
  8. Hoffmann Clavichord, 1784 – Adopted by Mr Christoper Gold
  9. Marie Antoinette’s Piano, c.1786 – Adopted by Mrs Pat Grayburn
  10. Shudi/Broadwood harpsichord, 1787 £500
  11. Grand piano by ‘pupil’ of Stein, c. 1795 £800
  12. Hancock Piano, ‘Warranted by Mr Dibdin’, c.1790 £400
  13. Longman & Broderip piano, belonged to Haydn, c.1794 £800
  14. Anton Walter Piano, 1815 £600
  15. Broadwood Piano signed by Cramer, 1816 – Mrs M. Montclare
  16. Conrad Graf piano, 1823 £500
  17. Nanette Streicher grand piano, 1823 – adopted by Ms L.S. Dadak
  18. Mahler’s Piano, 1836 – adopted by an anonymous donor
  19. Elgar’s Broadwood piano, 1848 – Adopted by the Elgar Society
  20. Erard piano, 1845 £400
  21. Chopin’s Pleyel piano, 1848 – Adopted by the Chopin Society
  22. Broadwood, 1847, played by Chopin – adopted by Lady Lipworth CBE
  23. Bizet’s composing table piano, 1855 – Adopted by Mr G. Ashby
  24. Steinway grand piano, 1864 – Adopted by Mr C. Goode

 If you should decide to take part in this scheme, your adopted instrument will be displayed to the public with a notice stating that you have supported its maintenance and you will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to a concert of your choice (subject to availability).
Your name will appear as the adopter of the instrument in the succeeding published list of concerts and in the programme of any concert in which it is used.